What's IB's business model?
It appears to be brilliant:  No pesky
bricks-and-mortar buildings to build
or maintain, and, given their stated
goal (below) of global
domination, relatively
few employees.  It
makes sense from a
business standpoint
that IB would not pay
their American IB
workers prevailing
wages if American taxpayers are
willing to shoulder that burden.
According to
Texas IB, TIB's prin-
cipal officer and financial officer,
Doyle D. Vogler, works 20 hours a
week for IB for he is only paid
$6,000 a year; were this a full-time
40-hour week job his annual
earnings would only be $12,000 a
year--scarcely enough for a fellow
to live on.  So how does Doyle
afford his $264,131 Lubbock
residence?  Could it be because he's
also being paid by Lubbock
residents to work as their full-time
assistant superintendent?   
How many other employees
like Doyle might IB have?
Question for IB deputy director
general Ian Hill:
Ian, in 2008 you accepted a hefty
$376,910 annual salary from a public
charity, International Baccalaureate.
How do you reconcile this with your role in
The Earth Charter which calls for
redistribution of wealth not only among
nations but within nations?

Have you thought about working for free for
IB?  Surely by now, earning such a
handsome and generous salary for so long
from taxpayers, you've saved up a bit and
no longer need your day-to-day needs
met.  As another European, Niccolo
Machiavelli, told us:  
A return to first
principles in a republic is sometimes
caused by the simple virtues of one
man. His good example has such an
influence that the good men strive to
imitate him, and the wicked are
ashamed to lead a life so contrary to his
To: superintendent@lubbockisd.org; gwilkerson@lubbockisd.org  
Cc: jarnold@lubbockisd.org

May 8, 2010

TO:    Lubbock ISD superintendent Karen Garza
Lubbock ISD school board president Gordon Wilkerson

CC:   Lubbock ISD school board vice president James Arnold

Karen and Gordon:

I am seeking clarification regarding Doyle D. Vogler's
employment at Lubbock ISD and am hoping you can help
clear up some questions.

This is not a public records request, and here's why:  Many of
my school superintendent friends tell me that they consider  
FOIA's to be a form of attack, and that's the last thing I'd want
you to feel or think this might be.   My superintendent friends
say they'd prefer a few friendly questions to the formality of
the FOIA process.  And it's certainly not my intention for you
to spend taxpayer dollars on hiring attorneys to answer a few
simple direct questions.

So, in the spirit of friendly journalistic inquiry:

o  As Lubbock ISD's #3 executive (per LISD's press release) presumably Doyle Vogler is
working at least 40 hours per week for LISD; would this be a correct assumption?  
Regardless of his number of hours worked at LISD, what is his current annual Lubbock ISD

o  How do Doyle's Lubbock taxpayer-funded work schedule and salary square with the 20
hour  per week Doyle states that he also spends working for International Baccalaureate
(per IB-TX 2008 IRS 990), additional work for which he states (under "penalties of perjury")
that he earns $6,000 annually?  

o  Is Doyle working a total of 60 hours each week?   Or is he only working 20 hours per week
for LISD and another 20 for IB?  

o  How is Lubbock ISD tracking Doyle's Lubbock taxpayer-funded time versus his IB time?  Can you produce a
calendar showing how he spends his time, say to the hour, each week?

BOTTOM LINE:  It appears there's an overlap between Doyle's IB employment and his Lubbock ISD employment.  
There may be an entirely plausible explanation for all of this; if that is the case, I for one am looking forward to
receiving and sharing it with my readers in a variety of venues and media.

I am in the process of publishing the above information at Public Ed Commentary and will be including these
questions in my upcoming newsletter; will update as soon as possible after receipt of your response.  

If any of this is unclear please let me know as I am eager to work with you to clear this up sooner rather than later.

By the way, looked for LISD's check register online -- are you aware that at least two-thirds of all local Texas ISD
school dollars and students are represented by districts with their checks online? -- and was unable to find it.  Did I
miss it?  Are you perhaps in the process of looking into how to post it?  I'd be happy to help as I've worked with many
of America's 825 districts who have put their checks online in the past 3 1/2 years.  (For no fee, of course; I work as
a self-funded volunteer and maintain a no-ads website as a public service.)  

Thank you for your help with this, and wishing you all the best  --

Peyton Wolcott
Publisher, Public Ed Commentary
Founder, National Grassroots School Check Register Movement
P.O. Box 9068, Horseshoe Bay, Texas 78657     
"Mrs. Long Island. Hey! That?s me! Could you be
any more patronizing, dramatic, arrogant or
self-aggrandizing, Mr. Walker? Words should mean
something, Mr. Walker, and yours are fighting words.
As the IBO Director General, you want to rally your
minions to defend IB and socialism and ?stand up and
be counted??  Against lil ol' me? Yes, I admit that I
am neither an historian nor a philosopher, but not as
Walker claims, to "opt out of the intellectual struggle."
I read the book, remember?  I said I am not of those
professions to indicate that despite not hosting a
string of capital letters after my name, I am
intellectually capable of determining what constitutes
socialist ideology compared with the founding
principles of the United States. I have come to the
conclusion that Walker has a One World Government
world view and yes, I oppose it. I am not alone.
Seeking to cast myself and others like me as
simpletons who fear understanding the  wonders  of
Rousseau so we can "sleep soundly at night,"is highly
insulting and elitism at its worst. It is the misguided
philosophy of people like George Walker and their
militant agenda to install their world view in children
under the guise of  peacemaking  that causes me to
lose sleep at night. Not often, though. I happen to be
an incredibly sound sleeper. Sorry to disappoint you,
"My friend bought me a tiara to celebrate my new
Mrs. Long Island title. It looks lovely. Walker
continued with his IB strategic expansion plans until
he retired at the end of 2005, to be replaced by
American born Jeffrey Beard. Walker still holds
emeritus status with IB and somewhere along the
way, he found time to meet with Secretary General of
the United Nations Kofi Annan of the UN Food for Oil
scandal fame, to ask for money for a bombed out IB
school in Baghdad. I cynically found that meeting to
be ironically touching."  
Q:  Remember Blouke Carus -- the fellow who "was instrumental in establishing the
International Baccalaureate North America (IBNA) in 1973 and was Chairman of the
IBNA until June 1985"?   What's he been up to lately?  Any other activities?
Gross receipts for DC-based The Philanthropy Roundtable during 2008:  $8.149 million
Not forgetting the
Underwear Bomber,
there's this from
London newspapers . . .

2004:  "The infants-to-
teens King Fahad
Academy [an
Baccalaureate school]
narrowly escaped
closure last year after
education officials
discovered teachers
were calling for a holy
war against Christendom
at school assemblies
and the children spent
more time in
indoctrination than on the
three Rs.

And this . . . .

2008:  "Colin Cook, who
taught English at the
[IB-affiliated] King Fahad
Academy for 18 years,
told a tribunal how
'incompetent' Ofsted
inspectors reported that
the school's teaching of
Islamic studies was
'mostly good'.

"But their report was
wildly inaccurate, he
said, because pupils as
young as five were being
taught by rote from Arabic
textbooks describing
Jews as 'monkeys' and
Christians as 'pigs'."
(SOURCE--Daily Mail)
"Jeff and me on our Annapolis (MD) condo balcony . . . . Jeff continues as
Director General of the International Baccalaureate Organization (out of
Geneva, Switzerland, where we have an apartment, with major offices in
Cardiff, Wales, where we have a home on the Bristol Channel). As such, he
travels extensively around the world. Me—I’m a trailing spouse (I used to say
kept woman,' but that doesn't always go over well—depends on the audience)
and I’m loving it. I collect languages and drivers’ licenses… We have our home
base in the US: a condo on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, Maryland, which
we’ll use much more once Jeff retires."
  1. The redistribution of wealth between nations and within nations
    [Art. 10.a.]
  2. Same-sex marriage [Art. 12.a.]
  3. Spiritual education [Art 14.d.] which means education in
  4. Military disarmament [Art. 16.d.&e.]
  5. Creation of an international agency to make the Earth Charter
    binding on all nations [in The Way Forward action-plan.]
(Continued from above)

The reversal appears to be pure cosmetic, however,
since the Deputy Director General of IB, Dr. Ian Hill, is a
member of the Earth Charter's founding Education
Advisory Committee.

In 2002, that committee reported the following:

The International Baccalaureate
Organization (IBO) has undertaken to
examine the potential use of the Earth
Charter in the following subject areas
within its curriculum: Theory of
Knowledge; Environmental Systems;
Environmental Science; Technology
and Social Change; Peace and
Conflict Studies; the Experimental
Sciences; Philosophy; History;
Geography; Maths; and the Arts.

In a revealing e-mail exchange with a concerned parent at Beechwood
Elementary School in Fullerton, California, Dr. Hill clarified the position
of IB in relation to the Earth Charter. The parent, Kristine Spadt, writes:

To avoid any confusion as to the IBO position on the Earth Charter, I
contacted the organization and asked about the relationship between
the Charter and the current IBO curriculum. I received a timely response
from Dr. Ian Hill himself. He wrote: "We did an analysis of existing
topics…with the content of the Earth Charter and found that we already
covered much of it if schools took up our suggestions for content..." Dr.
Ian Hill went on to close his e-mail by writing, "So, the IBO endorses
the Earth Charter and suggests many topics which promote it."

Considering the founding role Dr. Hill played in the development of the
Earth Charter's educational action plan, it comes as no surprise that
IB's own publication, "Myths and Facts," also acknowledges that IB
"promotes the Earth Charter." (p. 9) Yet, IB advocates frequently deny
any association between IB and the Earth Charter.

UNESCO, the educational arm of the UN, is another key and current
endorser of the Earth Charter, and also its chief partner. UNESCO also
partners closely with IB, funds IB projects, and has granted IB the status
of “formal consultative relations as a network”. (See, IBO reference link.)
UNESCO delivers the Earth Charter curriculum to schools around the
globe, including the U.S., through the Earth Charter/UNESCO
curriculum, Decade on Education for Sustainable Development (DESD ).

For example, the Earth Charter Guidebook for Teachers quotes
UNESCO's 2003 resolution "recognizing the Earth Charter as an
important ethical framework for sustainable development" and affirming
its intention “to utilize the Earth Charter as an educational instrument,
particularly in the framework of the United Nations Decade for Education
for Sustainable Development”. (p. 8)

In short, the principles and goals of the Earth Charter have deep roots
into the IB curriculum through established curriculum and high level
formal and informal relationships.  

P E Y T O N   W O L C O T T
Commentary - International Baccalaureate, Inc.
H o w   w e   t a k e   b a c k   o u r   c h i l d r e n ' s    e d u c a t i o n :    o n e   p e r s o n ,  o n e   q u e s t i o n ,   o n e   s c h o o l   a t   a   t i m e ...
Life at the top:  Questions for & about International Baccalaureate, Inc.  
Question for IB supporters:
Do the following places where IB director general Jeff Beard hangs
his hat fit the description of a self-sacrificing giving-back lifestyle?
  • Waterfront condo, Chesapeake Bay   (Annapolis, MD)
  • Apartment (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Home, Bristol Channel (Cardiff, Wales)
International Baccalaureate, Inc. director general  Jeffrey R. Beard with
Mrs. Beard on balcony of one of their residences.
joined the International
Baccalaureate® in September 2005,
and became director general in
January 2006, following the retirement
of George Walker.  Born and educated
in the USA, Jeffrey Beard graduated
from the US Naval Academy in 1972
with a bachelor of science in
analytical management, and has two
graduate degrees, including an MBA
from the University of Wisconsin. His
business career included roles of
increasing responsibility in several
multinational corporations where he
developed his cross-functional
management experience and
understanding of strategic planning,
thinking and delivery.
His decision to
move to the IB represented an
opportunity for him to
something back”
; leave the business
world and apply his management
knowledge and experience to
international education, an area to
which he is greatly committed.
How much are UN
Baccalaureate schools
costing Texans at the
state level?
Here's what the Texas
Education Agency has paid
International Baccalaureate:
BIO:  Ian Hill was born in Tasmania where he was a
teacher and administrator in government schools, and a university
lecturer in teaching methodology. From 1986 to 1990 he was Senior
Private Secretary/ Advisor to the Minister for Education in the state
of Tasmania. He then moved to France as Director of the
International School of Sophia Antipolis, a bilingual International
Baccalaureate Diploma school, and to Geneva in 1993 to become
Regional Director for Africa/ Europe/Middle East in the International
Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). In the same year he completed a
PhD thesis on policy processes during the development of the
International Baccalaureate diploma. He is now Deputy Director
General of the IBO, based in Geneva.

Houston ISD lists the following checks to 7 discrete International
Baccalaureate accounts/entities on its current check register:

IB NORTH AMERICA (74301) 3/30/2010                                        
IB NORTH AMERICA (74301) 6/17/2009    
IB SOURCE (77405) 9/3/2008                                                              

IBNA (35166) 6/16/2009                                                                       
IBNA (35166) 5/19/2009                                                                          
IBNA (35166) 5/14/2009                                                                      
IBNA (35166) 3/30/2009                                                                      
IBNA (35166) 3/26/2009                                                                          
IBNA (35166) 12/2/2008                                                                         
IBNA (35166) 9/26/2008    
IBNA (35166) 5/21/2008                                                                      

IBNA (50381) 4/19/2010                                                                           
IBNA (50381) 3/4/2010                                                                          
IBNA (50381) 2/12/2010                                                                       
IBNA (50381) 2/12/2010                                                                     
IBNA (50381) 12/9/2009                                                                        
IBNA (50381) 12/3/2009                                                                     
IBNA (50381) 11/20/2009                                                                        
IBNA (50381) 10/22/2009                                                                     
IBNA (50381) 10/22/2009                                                                    
IBNA (50381) 10/16/2009                                                                   
IBNA (50381) 10/2/2009                                                                     
IBNA (50381) 9/22/2009                                                                          
IBNA (50381) 9/17/2009                                                                      
IBNA (50381) 8/21/2009                                                                          
IBNA (50381) 7/27/2009                                                                      
IBNA (50381) 7/27/2009                                                                       
IBNA (50381) 4/30/2009                                                                      
IBNA (50381) 4/30/2009                                                                      
IBNA (50381) 4/27/2009                                                                   
IBNA (50381) 11/13/2008                                                                    
IBNA (50381) 11/11/2008                                                                       
IBNA (50381) 11/6/2008                                                                          
IBNA (50381) 11/6/2008                                                                         
IBNA (50381) 10/29/2008                                                                    
IBNA (50381) 10/1/2008                                                                          
IBNA (50381) 9/23/2008                                                                      
IBNA (50381) 9/22/2008                                                                      
IBNA (50381) 7/21/2008                                                                          
IBNA (50381) 5/20/2008                                                                         
IBNA (50381) 5/20/2008                                                                         
IBNA (50381) 5/20/2008                                                                         
IBNA (50381) 5/7/2008                                                                            
IBNA (50381) 5/1/2008                                                                        

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 4/22/2010.         
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 4/19/2010             
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 4/19/2010.         
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 4/19/2010          
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 4/15/2010.       
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 3/4/2010          
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 1/29/2010          
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 1/26/2010        
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 1/11/2010             
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 12/17/2009            
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 11/11/2009            
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 10/22/2009       
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 10/16/2009       
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 3/24/2009          
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 3/24/2009           
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 1/21/2009          
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 12/17/2008        
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (2149) 5/22/2008          

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (39454) 3/13/2009        

Question for Jeffrey R. Beard:
Jeff, you say that you want to give something back now at this
point in your life.  What were your salaries at your last three pre-IB
jobs?  From an industry check of comparable salaries it does not
appear that you took a reduction in salary but rather got a raise
when you went to work for IB.
Interpreting International Education, September 2002 History
& Nature of International Education theme
Geneva, 11 – 13 September 2002
Convenor: Ian Hill
(e-mail: ianh@ibo.org)
[What follows is a summary of the conference theme
discussions, as provided by the theme convenor at the end of
the conference, followed by abstracts of presentations made
within the theme]
The following terms/concepts needed further clarification:
International vs. global
It was felt that ‘global’ had taken on a somewhat negative
connotation in relation to world trade (demonstrations against
a global market).
International vs. refugee community
One presenter pointed out that, in a national context, people
of other nationalities are referred to as either ‘the international
community’ (that is, those with high income positions in
international companies, embassies, UN agencies, and so on)
or ‘refugees’ (those who have sought political asylum or are
seeking jobs and have come from poor countries). The use
of ‘international’ in this context has become elitist.
International = Inter-national in European Union (EU) schools
and United World Colleges (UWCs)
In these schools, most students come directly from a national
system without having lived elsewhere; ‘international’
therefore means students discovering what is similar and
different between the nations they represent. An international
school normally has a more transient, internationally-mobile
population which gives a different dimension to
Cultural relevance vs. universal values
Much discussion took place on this difficult question. There
seemed to be consensus that international education
represents certain values such as those to be found in the
various UN charters. There remains the problem of different
cultural interpretations of such values and whether they are
peculiarly Western. The majority felt that international
education should ‘stand up and be counted’ in terms of the
values it represents.
A history of international education should recognise:
• the contribution of antecedents prior to the 20th century 1
Interpreting International Education, September 2002 History &
Nature of International Education theme
The Role/s of International Education Within the Context of a
Globalized World.
Greg Carroll
This session was run jointly with the Curriculum and Assessment
theme: see abstract in that section.
The European Schools and the European Baccalaureate: an
Alternative Model of International Education
Robert Gray
This presentation briefly describes the place of the European
Schools in the history of the international education movement and
then considers their curriculum and structure insofar as these offer
an alternative – and perhaps unjustly neglected – model of
international education. An analysis of the European School model
raises fundamental questions about the nature of international
education. What roles do languages and language learning have to
play? Are ‘national’ and ‘international’ complementary or
antagonistic approaches? Should not the word ‘international’ imply
greater involvement of non-English-speaking cultures and
educational traditions? The presentation finally offers points of
comparison between the International and European Baccalaureates
as representatives of two different approaches to international
education, suggesting complementary but differing areas of strength.
International Education and the Problem of Evil
Jonathan Levy
It is the mission of educational organizations like The International
Baccalaureate to teach not only material and techniques but values.
Those values include altruism, open-mindedness, tolerance and
honourable and ethical behaviour. What is the obligation of
organizations like the International Baccalaureate to educate their
students to defend themselves against those whose values and
actions are the direct opposite of theirs?
Imagined Communities: Citizenship and International Education
Simon Murray
This paper takes as a starting point the recent experience of trying
to establish the Citizenship programme of the British National
Curriculum in an international school. It addresses the benefits and
anomalies of this experience in itself, but goes on to situate it in the
light of recent work by Habermas, Castells, Capella and Popkewitz.
As such, it examines the rise in citizenship education as a response
to the impact of certain features of globalization. The core concepts
examined include the nation state as a disciplining force in
education, the privatisation of the public sphere, the possibilities for
global governance and citizenship at a transnational level. It argues
that social identity formation, particularly conceived of as education
for democracy, needs to be a prime focus for international
education. It concludes that national and international education may
currently be unified in a process of imagining or re-imagining their
communities and attendant rights and duties. Approaches to
Learning and Theory of Knowledge are seen to be the best current
means to develop a critical awareness of active citizenship.
Interpreting International Education, September 2002 History
& Nature of International Education theme
• the contribution of ancient, diverse cultural and religious
contributions from non-Western cultures
• the importance of inter-religious dialogue
• that there were factors (for example, economic, social,
utilitarian) other than idealism leading to the development of
international education.
International education is education about the world for the
world and should have:
- CURRICULUM (‘education about the world’)
o Knowledge: languages (bilingual where possible but at least
a second language), global issues (including forces of good
and evil), political literacy, citizenship, roots and identity
o Skills (to reconstruct the world): critical thinking,
collaboration, problem-solving, adaptability, awareness of
other points of view
o Attitudes (leading to action): ethical literacy, respect for
cultural diversity, commitment to peace and justice,
responsible citizenship, commitment to sustainable
development (including the solution of global issues).
- INTENTIONS: pragmatic, pedagogical and idealistic
- DERIVATION: from an equitable representation of the
world’s best practices
- ASSESSMENT: culturally sensitive
- CURRENCY: recognised around the world
- TEACHING METHODOLOGY: appropriate to the
knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be developed and to
students’ learning styles
- VALUES: grounded in shared human values (such as
empathy, respect for other points of view – see ‘attitudes’
above) and addressing cultural diversity
o A context in which international education is delivered
o A context in which the knowledge, skills, and attitudes are
applied (‘for the world’).
International Education from 1924 to the Present
Ian Hill
A number of key, historical descriptions of international
education from schools and other institutions are presented
and analysed from the point of view of an education model
which emphasises content (knowledge and concepts),
competencies (equated to ‘skills’) and the formation of
attitudes (values). It is argued that one of the distinctive
features of international education is the context in which it is
delivered and the context in which it is applied. The paper
ends with a suggested description of international education
based on an analysis of the sources used in this paper.
What Should International Education Be? From Emergent
Theory to Practice
Boyd Roberts
This session was run jointly with the Curriculum and
Assessment theme: see abstract in that section.
Interpreting International Education, September 2002 History &
Nature of International Education theme
If National Schooling = National Identity, does International
Schooling = International Identity?
Michal Pasternak
This presentation initially examines the ways in which a state
education system contributes to the development of a national
identity. Functioning through a common mother tongue, state
systems shape a student’s perspectives on history, religion,
knowledge, mores and values, thus nurturing a national identity
component in a young person. Based on the perspective of many
international school graduates that they often feel outsiders in the
nation of their passports but a commonality with other internationals,
the second section of the presentation examines the structure and
content of international school programmes then raises question as
to how different international school curricula is a factor in the
development of a corresponding identity component in an
international school student. Questions pertaining to the importance
of national roots recognition, mother tongue affirmation and religious
education in the context of an international curriculum are used to
explore the complex identity situation of a young person
experiencing international education.
IB Language A1 and Values Education: The Multicultural Dilemma
John Clemo
It is a remarkable phenomenon that whilst educators embrace the
concept of multiculturalism, its definition and what exactly it means
to live in a multicultural society remain elusive. At this time, the
international ‘world spirit’ perspective underpinning the aims and
objectives of the IB Language A1 programme is vital. As IB schools
nurture democracy and educate ethically through the promotion and
inclusion of the principles of liberty, equality and justice – the
fundamental building blocks of modern Western society – so they
promote international awareness, human rights and freedom of
expression. However, often through the study of literature it
becomes clear that questions concerning identity and difference
demand more of an understanding and exploration than a simple
acquiescence into tolerance for the sake of diversity and
multiculturalism. The twenty-first century international student needs
to be fully equipped for life and for learning, and for life-long
learning, so the orientation of future education policies must reflect
My presentation analyses this teaching and learning dilemma, and
explores the concept of multiculturalism and values education: its
limitations and misinterpretations; situating it at the heart of a school’
s curriculum so that the IB syllabus can be delivered within a
meaningful pedagogical structure.
International Education: A Perspective from the Middle East
Samia Al Farra
Internationalism and international education are not new concepts in
the Middle East. For millennia interaction with others has been the
norm. Arabs have always been world travellers, moving across
Europe, Asia and Africa where they mixed with peoples of different
ethnic and religious backgrounds. Will West and East ever meet?
The problem today is not in religion but in the way some practise it.
Their fears are fuelled by the media, 4
Interpreting International Education, September 2002 History &
Nature of International Education theme
and reinforced by the injustices of self-interested politicians. I
address these issues through focusing on the education offered at
the Amman Baccalaureate School, and give you my definition of
‘international education’ from a Muslim perspective for, as M S
Savory writing in 1980 reminds us, ‘What the West borrowed from
the East is the whole fabric of civilisation’.



8 $5,795.00


Left, Daniel Benham & Proserpina
Only known online photo of IB
deputy director general Ian Hill
(2006 International Forum for
Teacher Education, Shanghai)
International Baccalaureate conference - Turkey
IB Greetings from
IB Greetings from
Question for IB deputy director Ian Hill:
Speaking of The Earth Charter, please tell us about it along with your
role in bringing it to IB.
2006:        $165,634.00
2007:        $189,678.00
2008:        $231,486.00  
2009:        $244,968.00
Until we hear back from Ian, here's Julie Quist's
EdWatch report on The Earth Charter:  

In a sudden move that reflects mounting opposition to the International
Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, IB recently removed its name from the
official list of endorsers of the Earth Charter Initiative. The Earth
Charter advocates the following:
(Continued below)
 Beard was
born in the United States
(Akron, Ohio), graduating in
1972 from the US Naval
Academy with a Bachelor
of Science degree in
Analytical Management. He
also holds an MBA from the
University of Wisconsin–
Oshkosh and an MS from
Iowa State University. Most
recently, Beard worked as
division president and chief
operating officer Seeds for
Syngenta AG, a Swiss
agribusiness based in Basel.
He has also served as an
officer in the US Navy
(Groton, CT; Brawdy, Wales,
UK) and worked for Procter
and Gamble (paper
products: Mehoopany, PA;
Green Bay, WI) and Pioneer
Hi-Bred, Int'l (Johnston, IA,
USA; Paris, France;
Parndorf, Austria).
Looking for more info re IB?
Older, worth visiting: www.EdWatch.org   and  Utah State Senate
Lisa McLoughlin's no-ads website, "The Truth
About IB," has a wealth of detailed research:  
(Continued below)
Ian Hill lays it all out in Shanghai --
or was it Singapore....
Read unredacted letter here

His decision to move
to the IB represented
an opportunity
for him to 'give
something back'  
(SOURCE-- Jeff Beard IB page)
Here's Lisa McLoughlin's response, from her book,
"Redefining Rigorous:  The Truth About IB":
Q:  Is this representative of how Jeffrey R. Beard
responds to parental/taxpayer/citizen questions?
Absent International Baccalaureate's opening up
its books, we can only hope this report above is
accurate; if the stated mission of Mr. Carus'
other organization, the Philanthropy Roundtable
(scroll down for more), is successful, such trans-
parency may only occur in the distant future.
Jeff Beard (far right) lighting
sacred oil lamp in Delhi at "Witness the
New Era of Education” (2007).
International Baccalaureate quick Q&As
What is

It's a United
educational business
which seeks locally
owned and operated
school districts who
will invite them in

via an
then pay for fees,
teacher training,
publications and
testing. There are
more than 809,000
IB students at 2,926
schools in 138
countries.  The goal
appears to be global
domination as they
seek "adoption by
authorized schools in
all countries."
(More at
(Scroll down to view
excerpts from IB's
IRS 990 forms.)
Who are some
famous former IB

For an international edu-
system 40 years old,
there are surprisingly few
recognizable famous
names.  There's former
Nokia CEO Jorma
Jaakko, plus North
Korean dictator Kim Jung
Il's son Kim Jong-un.  
And there's also
Farouk Abdulmutallab,
whom you might know
under his alias, Omar
Farooq al-Nigeri. Neither
rings a bell?  What about
the nickname Umar
acquired on Christmas
Day 2009, the
Underwear Bomber?
And here's another one:  
Why has Jay Mathews'
WashPost coverage of
IB been so
Probably it's because Jay's
such a nice guy.

But let's follow the money
for a moment.
with long-time IB executive
Ian Hill (at far left, lurking
over posies at podium), Jay
has written a book entitled
SuperTest," published by
Chicago's Open Court
Publishing, a division of Carus
Publishing.  Why does this
matter?  Blouke Carus -- who
is "Vice-Chairman of Carus
Publishing Company, which
includes Open Court General
Books....-- was instrumental
in establishing the Internation-
al Baccalaureate North
America (IBNA) in 1973 and
was Chairman of the IBNA
until June 1985; he was a
Council member for
International Baccalaureate in
Geneva, Switzerland from
1977 to 1994, and he is still
assisting the IBO as a member
of the IBO Fund. Mr. Carus
also initiated and led the
'Foundation Officers,' which
eventually developed into The
Philanthropy Roundtable."
(SOURCE--TPR; scroll down
for more about the
Doyle Vogler
(L) Jay Mathews (PHOTO--Wash.Post)
(R) Blouke Carus/Carus Publish'g
What about charges
that IB schools
promote Islam over
other religions &
Q:  And what's Jeff Beard's background?
Q:  Let's follow the money  at the local level.  How does a full-time top Lubbock ISD (TX)  
executive also work 20 hours per week for International Baccalaureate?
May 8, 2010:  I have queried Lubbock ISD's superintendent Karen Garza and LISD school board president
Gordon Wilkerson seeking clarification regarding a statement to the IRS (below) by LISD's #3 executive, Doyle
D. Vogler, that he works 20 hours per week for IB; there may be an entirely understandable explanation for all
of this.     
 (Scroll down for entire letter of inquiry.)
Q:  Let's follow the money, starting with IB at the national/international level, and
look at IB, Inc.'s  key executives -- who are they and what are their salaries?
May 8, 2010
Auto Reponse from Wilkerson & Arnold to emails
sent to their taxpayer-funded Lubbock ISD email

Thank you for your email.  Once I have a chance
to review it, and if it necessitates a response,
either I will get back with you or I will forward this
to the appropriate school district personnel, and
the district will follow up with you.

Thank you,  

Gordon Wilkerson
James Arnold
Q:  How did IB expand into Texas?  
What was Republican state representative Todd Smith's role?
Despite opposition by conservatives, Republican state
representative Todd Smith supported liberal Democrat
Senator Eliot Shapleigh's pro-International Baccalaureate bill
in 2005.

I contacted Todd's office on May 7, 2010 for clarification; no
response yet.
How rigorous is the
process for schools?

Lisa McLoughlin --
called by Washington
Post education
Jay Mathews
"the liveliest and most
intelligent IB critic in
the country" (and to
whom he devoted a
chapter in "Supertest")
-- said, when asked
earlier this week, "I
have not been able to
find evidence of a
single school in the
United States that has
been denied authoriza-
tion by International
Baccalaureate -- as
long as the checks are
Following the money . . . . IB execs Jeff Beard & Ian Hill....The Earth Charter's IB ties....A I S H....Lubbock  ISD's Doyle Vogler....IB in Florida....Blouke Carus' Philanthropy Roundtable:   in their own words including IRS 990 statements
Long Island mom Lisa McLoughlin started her "Truth
about IB" activism six years ago; just a year later,
during his 2005 address to the IBNA annual regional
conference in Montreal,
then-IB director general
George Walker referred to Lisa as "Mrs. Long Island"
and mentioned her "simple conclusions": "My critic
admits that she is neither historian nor philosopher, as
though that entitles her to opt out of the intellectual
struggle with which Rousseau invites us to engage; as
if that entitles her to come to
simple conclusions to help
her and her neighbours to sleep soundly at night."

Gee.  Wonder if Long Islanders realize that they've
been dismissed as simpletons  -- do you read George's
remarks differently? -- by an employee of IB.  

Here's an excerpt from George's speech, with Lisa's
rebuttal following.  When you read it, see if like me you
also wonder whether George got a Chris Matthews-like
tingle up his leg when holding the Rousseah document.:
Q:  How does IB respond to criticism?   
Then-IB director general George Walker takes
on "Mrs. Long Island" in public address.
"Not  everyone agrees that the difference the IB is
trying to make is a good thing. I need hardly remind
you of Henry Lamb?s opinion on this subject which I
shared with you earlier and now I cannot resist
addressing the strange case of ?Rousseau in Locust
Valley?. No, this is not a new challenge for Sherlock
Holmes but rather a chapter heading from Supertest
(2005) by Jay Mathews and Ian Hill which describes
the disquiet that
a parent from Long Island has
expressed about my admiration for the philosopher,
Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  Some of you here today will
remember that I quoted from Rousseau?s Social
Contract in my address in Victoria, BC in July 2002.
I suggested that Rousseau was right to conclude
that greater strength can come from the
surrender of some individual sovereignty to a
common cause
: not a hugely controversial
Mrs Long Island (let us preserve her
anonymity) read my address and did not like it,
pointing out that Rousseau had ambiguous views
on national sovereignty, on religion and on the
ownership of property.
She is right: Rousseau had
ambiguous views on many important issues which is
what makes him so utterly human and so totally
fascinating but his ambiguity was never muddle and it
has not excluded him from the pantheon of great
philosophers nor from the Panthéon itself in Paris
where he lies buried.  Ladies and gentlemen of the
jury: I stand accused of admiring Jean-Jacques
Rousseau. I have considered the charge and I am
proud to plead guilty. Indeed,
I must tell you that
holding in my hands Rousseau's handwritten
manuscript of the Social Contract, which is kept
in the vaults of Geneva University, was one of
the most privileged moments of my life.
In a more
recent return to Rousseau I concluded:  
The Social
inspires, it infuriates; it provokes and it
challenges and it will deserve to be read just as long
as anyone is interested in that most fundamental of
questions: how can different people come together to
live acceptable lives in harmony.  
My critic admits
that she is neither historian nor philosopher, as
though that entitles her to opt out of the
intellectual struggle with which Rousseau invites
us to engage; as if that entitles her to come to
simple conclusions to help her and her
neighbours to sleep soundly at night.
Alas, I can
offer no such intellectual opt-out to IB students and I
can promise them no simple conclusions.   In
concluding this section let me come to the heart of
this matter. If the IB makes a difference ? and I am
assuming all of us in this hall believe it should and
does ? then we need to recognize that difference, to
be able to describe it and to be prepared to defend it.
Increasingly, there will be moments in this region
when we shall all need to stand up and be counted.
The clearest sign that you are making a difference is
that someone has noticed and doesn?t like it.
Q:  What about other states?  Are any other school district employees  being paid also as IB
employees?  Here's an excerpt from the
Florida League of International Baccalaureate
Schools, Inc. 2007 IRS 990 form;  in it FLIBS employee Rosie Browning  (like Doyle Vogler in
Lubbock, Texas, Rosie is their "finance officer") earned $26,000 per year for working 10
hours each week for FLIB; it appears that during the same period Rosie was also
employed at Fort Myers High School as their "Director of IB."
11210 Center Post Court                                 Home: (703)709-5649
Reston, VA  20194                                          Work:  (703)824-3945
Email (h): TheRoylances   @   verizon.net          Cell:     (703)582-1279
Email (w): David.Roylance   @   fcps.edu


Seeking an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program-related position where
experience with expanding access to the DP in a comprehensive public high
school environment is desired.  Willing to work on a part-time, coordinator-only
basis; willing to work in a central office venue.


With Fairfax County (Virginia) Public Schools:
2006-Present: IBDP Coordinator, J.E.B. Stuart High School, Falls Church, VA
2000-2004: IBDP Coordinator, South Lakes High School, Reston, VA
1994-2000: IBDP Coordinator and Theory of Knowledge teacher, J.E.B. Stuart
High School
1968-1994: English Teacher (AP, GT, and General Ed), J.E.B. Stuart High School
Certification:  Post-Graduate certification for Commonwealth of Virginia

Endorsements: English, History, Gifted Education

With the International Baccalaureate:

Workshop leader for IBDP Coordination
For CIBO (California)
For FLIBS (Florida)
For Rice University (Houston)
For MARC (Mid-Atlantic)
IBNA Field Representative
IBNA Authorization Visit team member and leader
IBNA Application reader
Participant on IBNA Evaluation Committee and Diploma Schools Committee
IBNA Consultant
IBCA Professional Development Committee member

With Mid-Atlantic Regional Coalition of IB World Schools (MARC)
Charter member (since 1995)
Executive Consultant (2005-2006)
Introductory Workshop Coordinator (2006)
Board of Directors, Member-at-Large (2006-present)


Master of Arts in Literature, American University, Washington, DC

Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA


IBNA: Ralph Cline, Deputy Regional Director, Ralph.Cline  @  ibo.org  

Anthony Tate, Head of School Services, Anthony.Tate   @   ibo.org

CIBO: Patricia Prather, Executive Director, pkprather   @   sbcglobal.net

FLIBS: Bill Fussell, Executive Director, fussewc   @   yahoo.com

MARC: Linda Hutchinson, President, lhutchin   @   sbo.hampton.k12.va.us

Fairfax County Public Schools:  Faye Brenner, Advanced Academic Programs,
Faye.Brenner   @   fcps.edu  
Q:  Can someone help this fellow find a job at IB?  
Do IB-affiliated schools & organizations have a
job posting service for IB-ers?
This resume of an International Baccalaureate job candidate
posted online:  at California Association of IB World
Schools formerly CIBO.  

IB team's 2005 visit to Gymnasium
Banja Luka; read fascinating
here from Bosnia.
IB board retreat to review strategic plan
Jeff Beard  
> IB responds to demands
> IB does not market
International Baccalaureate - Geneve, Switzerland
Q:  What's Ian Hill's background?
Every attempt possible has been made to verify all sources and information.   In the event you feel an error has been made, please contact us immediately.  Thank you.
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Q:  What about the local level, how much are
United Nations IB schools costing us?  
Ian Hill to a
California mom:
"the IBO
endorses the
PHOTO CREDITS (from top of page):

Ellet High School class of 1968, posted 2008; Akron, Ohio.

A return to first
principles in a republic is
sometimes caused by the
simple virtues of one man.
His good example has
such an influence that the
good men strive to imitate
him, and the wicked are
ashamed to lead a life so
contrary to his example.
-- Niccolo Machiavelli
Texas state rep. Todd Smith (2nd from right)
with Sierra Club lobbyists at Lege in Austin
Q:  What is Lubbock ISD's explanation for the situation with their executive Doyle Vogler?
Here's the query sent and re-sent to Lubbock ISD's superintendent,
board president and board vice president on May 8, 2010; please
scroll down for response sent May 12, 2010.
Doyle D. Vogler
A man equal to a challenge, Lubbock ISD
board president, realtor Gordon Wilkerson
(center), posted this photograph on Baylor
University alumni page after climbing Texas'
highest natural point, Guadalupe Peak.
Q:  What are some examples of lobbing expenses  reported by IB on IRS 990 forms?
Q:  Do European experts see any difference between marketing and lobbying?
Question for Jeffrey R. Beard, IB director general:  
Jeff, if you really want to, as you say, "give...back," why are you
collecting almost half a million dollars in annual salary from IB, Inc.,
a  public charity?  
Jeff, what is your total annual
compensation from all IB
sources?  Readers suggest it
is more than the $440K per
year reported from IB, Inc.
(MAY 10, 2010)  Ian, given that the
average IB salary is about $75,315,
and that you advocate wealth
redistribution, have you thought about
reducing your IB salary to $75,315?
IB's Growth Chart:  1971 - 2006
Q:  How has IB grown so fast, per the above chart?   Jeff Beard told the Academy of
International School Heads (AISH) on February 11, 2010 that "IB does not market:"
From Jeff Beard's presentation to AISH, on
OASIS Day, 11 February 2010:
Q:   This is confusing.  Why would Jeff Beard tell a roomful of professional AISH
colleagues that "IB does not market" when according to IB's own IRS 990 form
IB disclosed spending
$562,000 (below) during 2008 for "advertising and promotion" ?
Blouke's been instrumental in The Philanthropy Roundtable.  Among TPR's activities are lobbying against
transparency for public charities -- such as TRP and International Baccalaureate.  Here's a question
based on TPR's IRS 990 statements:  Are Mr. Carus and friends saying IB has a "genuinely charitable
purpose"?  How do you define or quatify  a "genuinely" charitable purpose?  Would that be like "beauty
is in the eye of the beholder"?  And
who are some of the folks involved in The Philanthropy Roundtable?
Q:  What is "self-defense lobbying" as declared by TPR?  A:  "A fairly narrow exception
permits lobbying when proposed legislation would affect existence of the private foundation, its
powers and duties, tax-exempt status, or the deductibility of foundation contributions."
(Please scroll down for more information about AISH.)
Q:  Not a member of the Academy of International School Heads?  Jumping at the
opportunity to spend $75 for a lunch and a chat at the Boston Westin?   Have a spare $400
lying around for a one-year membership?   Sign up here:  
AISH Membership.
What is this AISH group?  They tell us that they are international school heads and former heads.  Gee,
we country bumpkins here at Horseshoe Bay Central didn't realize there were enough of such folks to form a
group let alone have pricey meetings and conferences in swell hotels and resorts.
AISH Member:  
o      FULL SEMINAR:  
 Includes 4
nights private
accommodation (5, 6, 7, 8
July) • all seminar material
• breakfast/lunch/dinner
daily • refreshment breaks

Non Member:
o      FULL SEMINAR:  
 Includes 4
nights private
accommodation (5, 6, 7, 8
July) • all seminar material
• breakfast/lunch/dinner
daily • refreshment breaks

$698  entire session / $179
day rate
For seminar participants
who would like to bring a
spouse or partner not
participating in seminar
activities. This rate includes
sleeping accommodations
with a registered seminar
participant, breakfast lunch
and dinner daily.
Site of AISH's July 2010 Summer Seminar, the Tupper Mansion is also known as  The Wylie Center
Eager for more?  Ready
for greater interaction
with AISH than a lunch
and a chat?

Wowser!  We've scoured
the highways and byways
and think you'll agree that
this appears to be quite the
golden the opportunity if
you hjave a spare $2,515
lying around:  Check out
AISH's July 2010 four-day
summer seminar in
Massachusetts at The
Tupper Mansion; here are
the particulars from AISH:
Q: Who are the founding members of AISH?
Q:  Why is a public charity
spending over  $3 million on
pensions for executives?
  • Association of American Schools in South America
  • Bambi Betts
  • Forrest Broman
  • East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools
  • European Council of International Schools
  • H2L2 Architects and Planners
  • International School Services (ISS)
  • John F. Magagna Search Associates
  • Lehigh University College of Education
  • Littleford & Associates
  • Office of Overseas Schools/                       
    US  Department of State (A/OS)
  • The International Educator
  • The Principals' Training Center for International
    School Leadership (PTC)
  • TieCare Insurance
  • The University of San Diego
  • W.A. Educational Services (Overseas)
    Ltd., Walid Abushakra
Our only question:
Would this include
"trailing" spouses?
What about a "kept
Developing . . . .
Q:    What is IB's stated mission?  Have you ever seen this before?
  •   AIS - Abu Dhabi  
  •   AIS - Cyprus  
  •   AIS - Egypt  
  •   AIS - Gaza  
  •   Asir Academy - KSA
Q:  When did Walid Abushakra start
his ESOL schools & where are they?
Q:  What about ESOL's ties to IB?  
Per ESOL:  "In addition to the standard American or
British secondary school program, many of ESOL’s
high schools offer the complete program that leads to
International Baccalaureate (I.B.) Diploma.
The organization’s American schools gain
accreditation by the Middle States Association of
Colleges and Schools, located in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, and its British schools will seek
accreditation by the Council of International Schools,
headquartered in the United Kingdom."
  •  CES - Egypt  
  •  DIS Dubai - UAE  
  •  IPS - Alkhobar  
  •  UAS Dubai - UAE  
  •  UCA - Lebanon  
Scenes from Walid
Abushakra's ESOL schools:
Q:  Who are the key executives
at the American International
School (
AISA) in Abu Dhabi?
Q:  How would I contact Walid
Abushakra for more information?  
Founded in 1990, Educational Services Overseas
Limited (ESOL), provides the Mediterranean,
Middle East and South Asia regions with American
and British international education of the highest
Superintendent, Walid Abushakra  
c/o The American International School in Egypt  
5th Settlement  
East Mubarak Police Academy  
New Cairo City Cairo , Egypt
Telephone: +20-22-618-8400
Fax: +20-22-617-4002
Email:info  @e  solonline.com  

Lubbock ISD Press Release:   August 10, 2009
Doyle Vogler promoted to Lubbock ISD assistant superintendent

(Lubbock) – LISD trustees named Lubbock High School Principal Doyle Vogler
the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning for Quadrants 1 and 2
at a special meeting this morning. Vogler will oversee all campuses in the
attendance zones of Monterey and Coronado High Schools.

“We are pleased to have Doyle Vogler in this new position. He is a
great instructional  leader and facilitates a very positive and
collaborative learning environment between students, faculty and
parents,” said Dr. Karen Garza, LISD superintendent.  

Garza reorganized the administration to align campuses in a kindergarten
through  grade 12 configuration rather than the previous elementary education
and secondary education divisions. Dr. Sam Ayers was previously named to the
complimentary position  of Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
for Quadrants 3 and 4, which includes campuses in the attendance zones for
Lubbock and Estacado High Schools.

Vogler served as the principal of Lubbock High for nine years and was an
associate principal of instruction and dean of instruction for several years at the
school. He joined the faculty at LHS in 1991 as a math teacher and tennis
coach. Vogler holds teaching certifications in math and biology.

The salutatorian of his graduating class at Hereford High School, Vogler went on
to obtain two bachelor’s degrees from West Texas State University, now West
Texas A & M University. He earned a master’s degree from Texas Tech University
in educational leadership.

Vogler will continue to serve as the Lubbock High School principal
until the completion of the process to interview, hire and provide a period of
transition for the new principal at LHS.
Hired to work at Lubbock High School in 1991 as a math teacher & tennis
coach, promoted to associate principal/dean - instruction; in 1999 LHS
became an IB affiliated-school; in 2000 Vogler became 12th principal at LHS
1910; 2005-2006 salary:  $91,965.  Vogler has two bachelor's degrees
from West Texas State University (now West Texas A&M University), and a
master's degree in educational leadership from Texas Tech University.  

Doyle Vogler - Lubbock ISD Employment History:  
From tennis coach to assistant superintendent

Doyle Vogler work schedule (with hours & salaries)

Lubbock ISD (40 hours per week) -
Ass't superintendent - Salary unknown
Texas International Baccalaureate Schools (20 hours per week) -
Financial Officer - Salary $6,000/year (FY 2008)
Foundation for Excellence (Lubbock ISD) - Board member (unpaid)

Lubbock ISD (40 hours per week) -
Principal - Salary $100,148
Texas  International Baccalaureate Schools (5 hours per week) -
Financial Officer - Salary $6,000/year (FY 2006)
Foundation for Excellence (Lubbock ISD) - Board member (unpaid)

Doyle Vogler
40 hours / week as Lubbock ISD (TX) executive
20 hours / week as International Baccalaureate (TX) executive
Lubbock ISD leadership:  Doyle Vogler (ass't supe);
Karen Garza (supe) & James Arnold (board president)
Underwear Bomber (at far left in red jacket)
at a peace protest.
Debbie Niwa's history of International
Baccalaureate includes a 1945-present
timeline & link to UNESCO.
NOTE: These questions were sent
to Messrs. Beard & Hill in May 2010;
answers received to date:  None.