Basic Information Related to the Education System in the United States

The United States provides compulsory and free education to each candidate for ten years. Students between the ages of 6-16years can acquire schooling free of cost. It is important to remember that the guidance provided through educational these institutes are placed at both state and national levels but executed at local standards.

A school is built within a restricted area of an allotted geographic location which is generally controlled by the school manager. The manager whereas is headed by the Board of directors of that particular region. Traditional public schools are directed by principals and vice-principals who are in charge of specific responsibilities within the school premises.

The academic tenure in the Public schools
The primary and secondary education requires only ten months of duration. According to the traditional public school, the academic session starts in the first week of September and summer vacation is initiated in the last week of June. But due to the overpopulation of students in the schools of different parts of the country, the government has introduced a year-round learning pattern.

Under such situation, a particular crowd of students is allotted to a different section within the school. They attain the schooling for about three months, and they are given a break of two weeks. Along with this, every student is allowed a leave of two weeks and a spring break of one week. By this, the overall population of the school is reduced, and every candidate gets the opportunity to receive the quality education from the teachers.

Stages of the Education system
The education pattern in the United States is similar to most of the education systems in western countries. The levels comprise of five major categories which are the kindergarten or the early childhood development which is chased by the elementary education. The elementary education prepares the candidates for middle school followed by their transition to high school. The secondary school is led by the tertiary level when the students get graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Early childhood education or preschool learning is provided to children before the elementary knowledge all across the United States. Although the kindergarten pattern of education is not mandatory, it plays a crucial role in the brain development process. It not only develops the mental abilities of the child but also improves his health.

A significant portion of the children begins their learning before entering the primary school in the States. Apart from preschools, there are thousands of non-public institutes which are controlled by churches or private organization to provide free early education to the children. This facilitates the children to take part in childhood screening and develop cognitive skills in themselves.

In the United States, the period of primary education lasts for six years. Elementary learning is the emergence of the candidate’s mandatory training. The schools hours usually continues for 7-8 hours a day. Except for some textbooks or other reading material to be purchased, the United States offer free education till the age of 16 to every student. Here students acquire essential knowledge in different fields like English, science, mathematics, art and physical education.

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