Delaware K-12 public school entities online as of
Feb. 2010:
L to R: Bessemer's Greenwood Elementary was built in 1937 as a WPA project; Pullman
railroad cars were formerly built in Bessemer -- the company became Wheelabrator-Frye then
Waste Management, Inc., also MWKellogg then Kellogg, Brown & Root, then Halliburton.  Willie
Davis, Bessemer City Schools CFO, first put the district's check register online in 2005; his other
best practices include getting rid of all district credit cards but one, tightening internal controls via
improved paper trails for purchases, and an open-door policy with the community. The
Urban Farm is a community project whose goal is to increase access to fresher food and expose
children to farming practices.  Far right, roller coaster at Alabama Adventure.
P E Y T O N   W O L C O T T

How we take back our children's education:
one person, one question, one school at a time.
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Argyle ISD (TX) - here
Clear Creek ISD (TX)
Dew ISD (TX) -
El Paso ISD (TX)
Hondo ISD (TX) -
Ingram ISD (TX) - here
La Marque ISD (TX)
Martins Mill ISD (TX)
Plainview ISD (TX) -
Pottsboro ISD (TX) - here
Snyder ISD (TX) - here
Southside ISD (TX)

Chippewa Valley SD (MI)
Lake Travis ISD (TX)
New York CPS (NY)
Omaha PS (NB)
Rochester CS (MI)
Santa Cruz CPS (AZ)
Water Valley ISD (TX)
Heads up to grass-
roots school reform
activists:  Be smart,
be effective
By Peyton Wolcott
Updated 12.02.07

"Walk softly
and carry a big stick."
-- Teddy Roosevelt

"Trust but verify."
-- Ronald Reagan

Just because you can
doesn't mean you should.
A model for the nation:
More about the
San Antonio Triple
How 3 major school
districts in one city put
their checks online . . .
in 1 week!
H o w   w e   t a k e  b a c k   o u r   c h i l d r e n ' s    e d u c a t i o n:    o n e   p e r s o n ,  o n e   q u e s t i o n ,   o n e   s c h o o l   a t   a   t i m e.
Read article here.
1.  Our public schools
are a pure form of local
government.  You elect
trustees to oversee your
superintendent's running
of the schools which are
fueled by your taxes.  
Just because you may
see clear problems
including proof of
illegality that does not
mean your pointing
these out will be
welcomed by either your
board or administrators
with open arms.

2.  Don't cold call on the
board at the meeting --
call ahead, ask
questions, learn what
your trustees' and
concerns are.

3.  Bring 50 copies of  the
flyer I've prepared for you
(with your contact info).  
Please email me and I'll
send you the link.

4. Correct & thorough
prep saves time in the
long run.

5.  Everyone who has
followed these steps
exactly as outlined
has experienced 100%
success; shortcuts lead
to failure.
The most important
thing about persuading
your local school district
to voluntarily post its
check register online is
the "persuasion" part.  
This means we remem-
ber to approach them in a
friendly way, with a smile
rather than a stick.  No
demands, no strident
letters to the editor. None
of the folks who have
tried shortcuts have
succeeded.  You can't
email this in or demand it
on your website.  You
can't talk to your friend the
board president and
assume anything will
come of it.

This is your opportunity to
participate in your local
political process.

Here below is the short
version; the longer more
detailed version that
points out most of the
pitfalls and roadblocks is
Remember that Golden
Rule we've heard about
all of our lives?  
This is a
good time to dust it off.  
When you approach your
board, you're approach-
ing individuals.  If you go
after them in an angry
way, they will react as
though you're calling their
baby ugly and become
defensive and turn your
request down.  Honor
their humanity no matter
how grumpy or sour they
look or act.
Welcome to National HQ for the Grassroots School District Online Check Register Movement!  Est. 10.01.06
Texas Education Agency


Glenn County Ofc. of Ed.
Placer County Office of

St. Clair County RESA

DOE - Checks over

San Gabriel USD - Checks
over $500

Intermediate School Districts

Capital Area Intermediate

Brackett ISD
(checks over $500)
This below is the short
version; if you're going to
do this, please read the
full information
here; it's
your proven road map.
ARKANSAS   (1)   -   Although many Arkansas
districts now post their monthly expenses, they're
aggregated,  as

Marvell School District -  Monthly Expenses
CALIFORNIA   (10)  -   More non-ed entities than ed are posting their checks;
here's the City of Downey's and here's the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit
District's; for the schools, best try is to look up their board agenda packets.

Acalanes Union HSD -  A/P Warrant Register
Capistrano USD - here
Clovis USD -  here
Emery USD - BOE - Packet
Lucia Mar USD - Board Agenda - Bill Approvalof t
How to find
your school's
What they might
be called & where
to find them

Adams SD 50 - Check Register
Colorado Springs SD 11 - Check Register
Durango School District  9-R -Voucher summary
Falcon SD 49 - Check Register
Greeley-Evans / Weld County District 6 -  Check Register
Jefferson County Public Schools -  Financial Transparency Report
Rangely Public Schools - Paid bills
Bloomington PSD 87 - Listed as online here
Bond County CUSD2 - Board Packet
Bourbonnais ESD 53 - Regular Mtg. - Consent
Bradley Bourbonnais CHSD - .Minutes (Reg. Mtg.) (link: mid-page)
Carpentersville SD 300* - Board Packets - Bills Payable
Cary Community CSD26 - here (check out the other financials viewable)
Champaign CUSD 4 - here (soon) - An improvement over earlier pie charts
Coal City CUSD 1 - Check Registers
East Aurora SD 131 -  Accounts Payable (since October 2008)
Ottawa ESD 141 - District Financials
Ottawa Township HSD 140 - Exp.Rpts.
Palatine CCD 15 - here
Peotone CSD 207-U - Check Register
Plainfield Community CSD 202 - here
Proviso Township HSD 209 - here
Reed Custer CUSD 255 - here
Riverside-Brookf'd HSD 208
- here
Rock Island SD 41 - here
Niles Township CHSD 219 - here
Oak Grove SD 68 - BoardBook - Accounts Payable
Oak Park Elementary SD 97 - here
OakPark/R.For'st HSD 200 -  Check Register
Oswego CUSD 308 - Bills for Payment
As thrilled as I am about
efforts by John Tillman and
Adam Andrzejewski to bring
greater transparency to
Illinois public schools, I
disagree with their
December 2008 lawsuit
against Illinois Gov. Rod
Blagojevich on grounds of
incompetency -- the same
grounds as Illinois Attorney
General Lisa Madigan's suit
-- as the success of such a
suit would have paved the
way for Banana
Republic-type takeovers of
elected officials.  
Fortunately, the Illinois
Supreme Court has refused
to hear this case.
IOWA (5)

Boone Community SD - Board Agendas
Cedar Rapids CSD - List of Paid Bills
College Community SD - List of Paid Bills
E. Buchanan CSD - Expenditures
Iowa City CSD - Board Agendas (PDF)
Huntington County Community School Corporation - Accounts Payable Voucher Register
Richmond Community Schools- Accounts Payable Voucher Register.
"One of Indiana’s oldest cities.Richmond’s rich history was built on a tradition of pioneer spirit and an
appreciation of nature; from the...Gennett Records Walk of Fame devoted to the [jazz] music recorded in
Richmond during the early 20th century to the natural wonder of the Whitewater River Gorge." (Right)

(SOURCE--City of Richmond)   
Curious about the origins of the word "Hoosier" used to describe
Indianans?  Scroll down to NOTES below for explanations -- both the most likely and some entertaining.
Walk softly,
and carry a
big stick.
--Teddy Roosevelt
Friends, here's our
great nation's most
complete list of
school districts
and because I am still
the only person in the 50
states actively searching
the U.S. for you,
information -- looking for
more districts and
working with
trustees, moms, dads
and taxpayers -- and
coaching folks through
the check register
process, what you see
on these pages is the
most current and
information in our great
nation.   Other folks --
websites, organizations,
foundations, etc. -- may  
copy my information from
time to time, but
because they are
copying rather than
originating there is
always lag time involved.
         Please verify this for
yourself by backdating
websites with a tool
such as   
With one exception (see
Illinois above and right)
the information you find
on the only other
compilations appear to
be old copies of my
information, second- and
third-hand generations
of it,  borrowed and
outdated data all.

American parents and
taxpayers deserve
current information.

So often, my work with
individuals starts with
having to undo the
strident and demanding
approach many of our
wonderful friends in
conservative think tanks
have mistakenly

Such an approach
doesn't sell cars or
guacamole or anything
in between; it also
doesn't  work with our
public schools.

While such an approach
may appease angry
millionaire funders, it
has never persuaded a
single public school
administrator to post --
and such an approach
forgets that if our
schools are a mess it's
our own fault.  

Criticizing our
public schools is
like criticizing our
arms and legs.

They're our appendages.

Local public school
systems are as much a
form of local politics as
town hall and the
mayor's office, and it's up
to us to clean them up.

Let's get to work,
FLORIDA   (2)  -  Miami schools' check register went
online in 2007 because trustee Marta Perez -- now
school board vice chair -- persisted.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools  -   Here

Monroe County Public Schools - Commendable degree of
Check register, credit  card receipts & employee reimbursements
From right:  Located near the Mississippi on
Arkansas' Eastern border in the fertile Delta
area, Marvell (pop. 1395) is famed for its
BBQ;  teenagers on a cotton picker came from
Colorado to Marvell to help out, spruce up
during Summer 2007.
From left: Clovis, "Gateway to the Sierras" near Fresno in the rich San Joaquin River Valley farming region, can say
that its school district, with 37,000 students, was among the first in the nation to post its check register online, in early
2005; students at
Ponderosa ES in South San Francisco USD. Capistrano USD is located near one of the most historic
of the old missions.   Clovis has worked to preserve its past; the  old high school (above right) is now the San Joaquin
College of Law; below right, the San Joaquin River.
L to R: Winter in Jefferson County; Douglas Pass near Rangely;  warmer weather in the Durango mountains.  Although there's been a push in Colorado
towards greater governmental fiscal transparency, as of February 2010 very few school disitricts are yet online.
Edgar Lee Masters named his Anthology after the Spoon River (aove) near
where he grew up in Illinois; Washington Jr. High (far left) in Rock
Island/Milan School District #41; (left) Elgin U-46 transportation employees'
entry in the local July 4, 2008 parade.  
Wheaton CUSD 200's Franklin
MS's (below right) greetings to teacher Jack Erwin in Afghanistan on
Veterans Day 2008.  After I compiled the first Illinois roster in 2006, Adam
Andrzejewski has jumped on board the transparency movement in his
state, and many of the above links to Illinois school check registers are
courtesy of his site.  Curious  why Illinois has so many more school
districts than any other state except Texas & Michigan? Please scroll
down to "NOTES / Illinois" below.  
Spoon River Valley CUSD 4 - here
Union Grove SD 68 - here
Urbana School District 116 -
ValleyView CUSD 365 - here
Vandalia CUSD 203 -   
Waukegan CUSD 60 -
W. Aurora SD 129 - here
W. Chicago CHSD 94 -
Approved Bills
Westmont CUSD 201 - here
Wheaton CUSD 200 -
Check Register
NOTE: For the Good of
Illinois lists dollars provided
by schools; invariably these
are the lower budget
forecast numbers rather
than the dollars which
actually come in and are
spent.  Adam's list also
includes colleges.

FURTHER NOTE:  This is not
an endorsement of Adam
and John's lawsuit against
Illinois Governor Rod
Blagojevich.  Frustrated as
Illinois residents must be
with the widespread
corruption in their state,
lawsuits such as theirs and
AG Lisa Madigan's would
have paved the way for
Banana Republic-type
takeovers of elected
officials' offices.  It is always
good to be mindful of
unintended consequences
for even our noblest
So often when folks get in
touch with me although they
say they want help in
bringing transparency and
accountability to their
schools, it takes them a
while to accept that what
works best is not pure
rationality or demands or
petition drives but the
friendly heart-to-heart

How refreshing it's been
with Adam Andrzejewski
(above left), who contacted
me earlier this year about
his petition drive to impel
Illinois school districts to
put their check registers

After a few phone chats and
emails with Adam and John
Tillman (above right) of the
Illinois Public Policy Institute
they quickly changed their
strategy and Adam began
conducting a series of
intimate talks and coffees
with the results you see on
the roster above.  In
February 2008 only four
Illinois school districts were
posting their check
registers online; after Adam
changed strategies, already
there are 35 more, plus a
couple of colleges.  It was
my pleasure to give him free
use of the "School District
Honor Roll" appellation.
We do not ask school
districts to post
payroll or HIPAA-
related dollars;
districts can easily
post their annual
schedules after the
budget is firmed up
each summer.
I am adding photo
credits as I locate
them; for now, please
right click on any image
above that interests
you.  Some photos are
themselves live links.  I
am adding check
register links all the
time; please remember
that because this is
fluid information, not
static, things change
constantly as districts
redesign their
websites and the
locations where they're
posting their checks.
The name of Adam's group
is "For the Good of Illinois."  

Think your
project through.

What might be
its unintended
o monthly expenses
o monthly report
o monthly spending
o monthly warrants
o news
o non-payroll
o paid bills
o payment register
o public notices
o public information
o public records
o required postings
o school board
o superintendent
o technology
o vendor payments
o vendor check register
o vouchers
o warrants
o warrant register
o about us
o accounts payable
o a/p
o approved bills
o approved warrants
o board of directors
o board of edu./BOE
o business office
o checks
o check journal
o check listing
o claims docket
o community news
o district information
o expenditures
o facts
o finance
o financial services
o information
o legal notices
o links
If there's no direct
to check registers on
the home page, try first the
business office or financial
services-type area.  After
that try the "district
information" page,
something close to that
description.  If you still
haven't found your district's
checks, a third place to try
is your school board's
agenda; often where
districts have gone to
paperless board packets
the checks are included as
a link, many times as a line
item on the consent
agenda. In a  few districts,
they're in the minutes, but
this is the exception.

Three more
First, I myself am still
finding new places.  My
local Llano ISD supe put
checks for a time on his
own page, the only supe
I've found so far to do so in
the entire nation.   
please keep in mind that like
the rosters this is fluid
information.  In addition to
changing their minds about
where to put their checks,
districts are also always in
the process of refining their
Third, if the
district is paying for TASB's
BoardBook software or for
BoardDocs, online check
registers are a free
feature, and can usually be
found in the agenda packet
for the  most recent regular
board meeting.  
NOTE:  There are no dollars listed with the above school districts for one reason: Only Texas can tell us actual total expenditures for all funds, etc. spent in a school year with a clearly defined formula. Please see NOTES on the two Texas
(A - L) (M - Z) to understand this distinction.  Also, once you land on those pages, you can compare the pink budget forecast sections (left side) to the blue actual financial sections (right side) yourself and see which is larger.
Here's a quick tour of our beautiful nation; hats off to these school districts who have taken a commendable big step towards transparency by posting their check registers online.
When borrowing,
copying, citing
from this roster
and site please  
remember to
.No one else --
governmental  or
public policy
groups or think
tanks or persons
-- is compiling a
national roster.
IDAHO    (1)

Coeur d'Alene
School District 271
Monthly Checks
Founded by General Sherman as a fort in the 1870s, Coeur d'Alene sits at the edge of a lake
by the same name a few hours south of the Canadian border in the Idaho Panhandle, with
Glacier National Par to the northeast. The Schitsu'umsh Tribe, nicknamed Coeur d'Alene by
traders for their "Pointed Hearts" when driving a deal, remains an
active presence, including
its Tribal School (far left); built during the period 1848-1853, the Cataldo Mission of the Sacred
Heart (3rd right) is the oldest standing building in Idaho. Coeur d'Alene superintendent Hazel
Bauman.  Golf is a popular resort draw in the area, as elsewhere.

Idaho State Parks &

Floyd County Schools - Warrants
Lyon County Schools - Purchases by Vendor
Boone in central Iowa was
home to the 2008 Farm
Progress Show ('the Super
Bowl of Agiculture") (right)
and also Boone CSD
whose Lowell Elementary
School (far right) is home to
145 K-2 students.
Dunn noted that
"hoosier" was
frequently used in
many parts of the
South in the 19th
century for
woodsmen or rough
hill people. He
traced the word back
to "hoozer," in the
Cumberland dialect
of England. This
derives from the
Anglo-Saxon word
"hoo" meaning high
or hill. In the
Cumberland dialect,
the world "hoozer"
meant anything
unusually large,
presumably like a
hill. It is not hard to
see how this word
was attached to a
hill dweller or
Immigrants from
England, settled in
the southern
Cumberland River,
Cumberland Gap,
etc.). Their
brought the name
with them when they
settled in the hills of
southern Indiana.
Most likely origins of
the nickname
"Hoosier" can be
attributed to research
by Jacob Piatt Dunn,
Jr., Indiana historian
and long-time
Indiana Historical
Society secretary:
More information
about Indiana's
history including
possibilities from
folklore for the
origins of "Hoosier"
from the  
Historical Society.
Richmond High School
Richmond offers a microscopic look at what's happened to America's
economy; the greenhouses at Hill's Roses, where the American Beauty
was developed, have long been shuttered (above, they are frozen in
winter) and most American roses now come from South America.
Left, Wild West reenactment at Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm; more here.  Above, named after
Kiowa Chief Satanta, the
community's commercial focus is agricultural: wheat, corn, soybeans, milo,
sunflowers, alfalfa, cotton and cattle. The focus of these Satanta 3rd graders at right is on math.
Above:  Where the Santa Fe, Oregon and California
Trails converged:  Lone Elm Park Historic Campsite
(right), near Olathe.  
Land Between the
Lakes (above)
By Niki Conolly

State Penitentiary
By Adam Maroney

Land Between the
By Barry K. Lovvorn
The "Hoosier" State
I'm researching and
adding links all the
time; please check
TO PUT THE STATES' ROSTERS INTO PERSPECTIVE:  California officially has 1,050 school districts (2007-08); about 1,036 per the California
DOE's Data & Statistics department  as of January 7, 2009.  Texas has 1,031 school districts as of that same date.  Illinois has 879 districts

Pike County Schools -  
Check registry
From left, Pike County Schools superintendent Michael
Duncan; Pike County Courthouse in Zebulon, built in
1895, four years before the county's cotton mill, later
Thomaston Mills; named after Zebulon Pike, the
town is home to an active farmers market, a commercial
tree farm, and Pike County Schools students.  Far right:  
interior of the old Zebulon Plant.  (More photos below)   
There are fewer than
18,000 residents in all
of Pike County.  The
courthouse exterior
(above) hasn't
changed much since
it was photographed
in 1999 by Calvin
Beale; more about
this remarkable
demographer here:

That's the interior of
the Zebulon Plant at
far right above.  After a
series of layoffs and
the resignation of the
last Hightower family
heir, the company was
cannibalized and the
individual plants sold
off.  More Pike County/
Thomaston Mills
history here:

The county seat,
Zebulon, was named
after Brig. General
Zebulon Montgomery
Pike, the soldier and
explorer who
discovered Pike's
Peak as part of his
exploration of the
Louisiana Purchase;
his father fought with
George Washington
in the Revolutionary

More about Zebulon
Pike here:
Novato USD - Warrant Register
Palo Alto USD - Board Packet / Warrants
Scotts Valley USD - Consent Agenda - Warrants
South San Francisco USD - Board Packet
Western Placer USD -  Warrant Register
*  PW Note:  I'm asking
superintendent Alan Leis
about making Naperville's
online check register
available for  public viewing;
don't see any surprises
which might make the
district shy.
Highland Park HSD 113  -  Checks Issued
Huntley CUSD 158 -  Board Packet
J. Sterling Morton HSD 201 -  Check Register
LaGrange SD 105 - A/P Check Register
Lyons Township HSD 204 -  Monthly Paid Bills
Mahomet-Seymour CUSD 3- Date & Ag.Packet- Bills List
Mundelein CHS D120 - SAF Bill List
Naperville CUSD 203 - BoardDocs-Consent - Bills & Claims
Left to right:  Kudzu in Floyd County.  Land Between The Lakes National
Recreation Area occupies the portion of Lyon County where southwestern
Kentucky meets northwestern Tennessee; LBL's two man-made lakes, which
in total occupy over 200,000 acres, were created by the Tennessee Valley
Authority; a series of dams generate hydroelectric power.  Lyon County
Middle School in Eddyville, the county seat.  Far right, the
Kentucky State
Penitentiary, located a few miles south of Eddyville, is the Department of
Correction's oldest and only maximum security facility; built in 1886, it houses
Kentucky's death-row inmates. Annual cost per inmate:  $23,718.59.
KANSAS   (2)

Olathe USD 233 - Check Journal

Satanta USD 507- Check Register (formerly Ch.Jrnl)
Example:  To find
Dallas ISD's (TX_
check register:
home page,
choose Board of
Trustees, then Meeting
Agendas, then a regular
meeting, then Consent
Agenda, then "Ratification
of List of Bills, Claims and
Elgin U-46 -  List of Bills
Elmhurst Community Unit SD 205 - BoardDocs
Geneva CUSD 304 - Soon
Genoa-Kingston CUSD 424 - Consent Agenda - Payables
Harlem USD 122 - School Board (hard to find)
Herscher CUSD 2 - Soon
Friends, are you seeking transparency in your local public schools?  Good for you!   Now, let's use that
energy as productively as possible with an approach that generates genuine long-term change in our schools. Be
sure to take a smile and the Golden Rule with you when you go. Proven successful field-tested strategies
( Michigan - Wyoming districts here )  ( Texas  A-L here...M-Z here )
ALABAMA   (116)  -   As occurred
in Texas with Gov. Rick Perry's
executive order, so to has
transparency in Alabama begun with
one from Gov. Bob Riley; read
this at
the Alabama Department of
Education re their state's School
Fiscal Accountability Act
Here are the districts already online
as of Feb. 2010; note the uniform
and informative format at both the
county and city school level:
DELAWARE    (17)  - Thanks to a state law signed by Gov. Jack Markell, all 17 Delaware school district check
registers along with most of the state's other governmental offices are online.  You can find them
here; click on
Education (School Districts) then and choose the year and period in which you're interested.
View All HOWARD T. ENNIS SCHOOL 2009                          FY 1,347 $1,484,183.29
View All INDIAN RIVER SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                 FY 23,762 $27,580,831.38
View All JOHN S CHARLTON SCHOOL 2009                        FY 1,023 $2,002,626.55
View All KUUMBA ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL 2009     FY 1,002 $1,259,543.65
View All LAKE FOREST SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009              FY 11,065 $13,782,352.29
View All LAUREL SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                          FY 2,933 $4,284,719.39
View All MARGARET STERCK SCHOOL 2009                     FY 1,234 $2,956,408.69
View All MARION T ACADEMY 2009                                     FY 49 $365,611.36
View All MAURICE J. MOYER ACADEMY 2009                    FY 683 $1,338,225.32
View All MILFORD SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                       FY 5,806 $19,207,408.65
View All MOT CHARTER SCHOOL 2009                               FY 1,034 $1,957,698.43
View All NCCDSC 2009                                                           FY 342 $393,309.89
View All NEW CASTLE COUNTY VO-TECH SCH 2009       FY 12,788 $21,086,104.26
View All NEWARK CHARTER SCHOOL 2009                       FY 1,629 $3,676,326.28
View All ODYSSEY CHARTER 2009                                         FY 612 $1,207,792.91
View All PENCADER BUSINESS AND FINANCE 2009             FY 963 $2,667,918.12
View All POLYTECH SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                       FY 4,196 $4,064,420.10
View All POSITIVE OUTCOMES CHARTER SCHL 2009         FY 466 $505,849.55
View All PRESTIGE ACADEMY 2009                                        FY 376 $534,122.00
View All PROVIDENCE CREEK ACAD CHTR SCH 2009          FY 1,356 $1,625,811.11
View All RED CLAY CONSOLIDATED SCH DIST 2009            FY 21,758 $53,542,217.79
View All SEAFORD SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                          FY 5,582 $5,828,636.47
View All SMYRNA SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                            FY 5,100 $33,690,685.35
View All SUSSEX ACADEMY OF ARTS/SCIENCE 2009          FY 594 $897,714.20
View All SUSSEX TECHNICAL SCHL DISTRICT 2009              FY 4,802 $8,807,793.71
View All THE CHARTER SCHOOL OF WILMNGTN 2009         FY 1,330 $2,248,805.32
View All THOMAS A EDISON CHARTER SCHOOL 2009         FY 1,227 $3,162,509.46
View All WOODBRIDGE SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                  FY 5,401 $5,061,751.27
View All ACADEMY OF DOVER CHARTER SCHL 2009         FY 615 $1,102,902.70
View All APPOQUINIMINK SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009             FY 12,051 $39,903,369.50
View All BRANDYWINE SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                 FY 20,705 $60,050,282.90
View All CAESAR RODNEY SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009          FY 9,346 $21,150,065.74
View All CAMPUS COMMUNITY SCHOOL 2009                    FY 873 $1,389,707.01
View All CAPE HENLOPEN SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009          FY 11,463 $40,382,911.73
View All CAPITAL SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                          FY 11,895 $33,927,279.27
View All CHRISTINA SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                      FY 29,157 $65,124,550.87
View All COLONIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                       FY 18,695 $39,588,257.66
View All DE COLLEGE PREPARATORY ACADEMY 2009    FY 354 $758,538.52
View All DELAWARE MILITARY ACADEMY 2009                  FY 738 $1,535,605.75
View All DELMAR SCHOOL DISTRICT 2009                          FY 2,978 $4,145,013.84
View All EAST SIDE CHARTER SCHOOL 2009                     FY 887 $1,915,255.02
View All FAMILY FOUNDATIONS ACADEMY 2009               FY 638 $1,510,173.34
Scenes of natural beauty in Bibb County, Alabama.  More here.
Appoquinimink SD
Brandywine SD
Caesar Rodney SD
Cape Henlopen SD
Capital SD
Christina SD
Colonial SD
Delmar SD
Indian River SD
Governor Bob Riley (L),  Superintendent
of Education Joe Morton
Delaware Lt. Gov. Matt Denn (L) watches Gov. Jack Markell sign HB 119,
their state's transparency bill.   Per Delaware Communications Director Joe
Rogalsky, "Gov. Markell's administration is committed to open, transparent
government. He believes the public has a right to know how their tax dollars are
being spent. He has already put the executive branch's checkbook online, and
believes taxpayers also deserve to know how their tax dollars are being spent by
school districts. Governor Markell's reforms are giving school districts greater
flexibility in making spending decisions, but with that flexibility comes greater
accountability to the public."  Wording of the final bill, below left.
HB 119:  § 1509.  Transparency of District Finances.  Each district and charter school
shall post on its web site by September 1, 2009 and every three months thereafter a check
register indicating the recipient of each check issued by the school district or charter school,
the amount of the check, and identifying information regarding the check sufficient to permit
members of the public to seek additional information regarding the payment in question.  The
only information excepted from inclusion in this database shall be records that would not
constitute public records under 29 Del. C. § 10002(g), and records for which the disclosure
would violate any federal or state law.
Cape Henlopen in Delaware.
Talladega City Schools - Check Register
Talladega County BOE - Check Register (March 2010)
Tallapoosa BOE - Check Register
Tallassee City Schools - Check Register
Tarrant City Schools - Check Register
Thomasville Schools - Check Register
Troy City Schools - Check Register (March 2010)
Trussville City Schools - Board Report
Tuscaloosa City Schools - Check Register
Tuscaloosa County Schools - Check Register
Tuscumbia City Schools - A/P Check Register
Pickens County BOE - Check Register
Piedmont City SD - Check Register
Pike County BOE - Check Register
Randolph County Schls - Check Register (March 2010)
Roanoke CS - Check Register
Russell County Schools - Check Register
Russellville City Schools - Check Register
Saint Clair County BOE -  Check Register
Saraland City Schools - Check Register
Scottsboro City Schools - Check Register
Selma City Schools - Check Register
Sheffield City Schools - Check Register (March 2010)
Shelby County BOE - Check Register
Sumter County BOE - Check Register
Sylacauga City Schools - Check Register (March 2010)
CONNECTICUT   (2)  -  If any districts are
online in the Constitution State, it's because
retired superintendent Armand Fusco (R) has
made it his business to ask, encourage -- and
persist -- and persuade large numbers of
people that online transparency is a good idea.
Oxford Public Schools - BOE Check Register
Trumbull Public Schools - BOE Check Register
ALASKA (0)  -  Although no school districts have posted yet in Alaska,
their department of education check register is online (everything over
$1,000).   Alaska was the second state DOE in the United States to put its
checks online; Texas was first.
County Offices of Education (2)

Glenn County   -  Warrant Register
Santa Cruz County -  Acctts Payable Warrant Reg.
From left, Armand Fusco; you can find his book, School Corruption: Betrayal of Children & the Public Trust  here; the Connecticut River.  At far right are three scenes from
Trumbull Public Schools' Agriscience Biotechnology Center.  The name "Connecticut" is from a Mohican/Algonquin Indian word "quonehtacut", which means "long tidal river."
Lake Forest SD
Laurel SD
Milford SD
Red Clay CSD
Seaford SD
Smyrna SD
Sussex Technical SD
Woodbridge SD
HAWAII    (0)
ILLINOIS  (49)  -  That so many school district checks are online in Illinois may be attributed to the efforts
of Adam Andrzejewski (he's the grownup in the red tie at right) and the
citizen groups he organized via a
series of coffees and informal talks; Adam recently earned a respectable 17% of the vote in the Illinois
Rebublican gubernatorial primary.



Sherrard CUSD 200 - here
Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the nation's 4th-largest district with 400,000 students and expenditures last year of $6.8 billion, is thus far the largest district in the U.S. to post its check register online,
thanks to one trustee (of 9) who has worked for years to bring transparency to her district's spending:  Marta Perez.  From left:  Former M-DCPS execs Orelia San Pedro and AASA-Superintendent of
the Year Rudy Crew, Perez, Miami from the air, Glades Middle School, and Coral Gables HS student group.
Canoeing on the Brandywine
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA   (0)  -  Federal spending's estimated to be $28,000 per
student; the district is run by Mayor Adrian Fenty appointee
Michelle Rhee. a first-time
superintendent who was given a $275,000 per year contract plus a $41,500 signing bonus.
From left, Michelle Rhee, Mr. & Mrs. Eli Broad and Michelle's fiance
Kevin Johnson at Broad inaugural party for Mr. Obama; DC Mayor
Adrian Fenty campaigning with Mr. Obama; Louisiana Senator Mary
Landrieu, subject of a CREW investigation for her role in the selling of
Voyager curriculum to DC schools.
Hats off to our friends at Illinois Policy
Institute for
their transparency efforts!
The ability to review a local district’s checkbook registers
and other financial data online allows parents and citizens
of Alabama to be aware of the expenditure of public
dollars, which builds confidence in the way our schools
budget and spend taxpayers’ dollars.
-- Joseph B. Morton, Ph.D.
Georgia school employee
salaries and expenses
Left, 2008 Cedar Rapids
flood. At right, Iowa really
does have farms with red
barns, the color the likely
result of using ferric oxide
in the paint; it was cheap
and worked as a wood
Some Kentucky school check registers
can also be found online at this
501 site.
Despite the consortium of which was a part having
been dissolved, even the C.I.T.Y. Skills Training
Program's check register is online; view it


Jackson County SD - Check Register
Jacksonville City BOE - Check Register
Jasper City Schls - Monthly Accountability Check Registers
Jefferson County BOE - Check Register
Pell City Schools - Check Register
Perry County Schools - Check Register (March 2010)
Phenix City BOE - Check Register
Vestavia Hills City BOE - Check Register

Walker County Schools - Public Info - Financial Statements
Washington County Schools - Accountability A/P Report
Wilcox County Schools - Check Register
Winfield City BOE - Check Register
Winston County BOE -  Check Register
  The most important thing to keep
in mind is that unlike many other states where
districts post checks as part of board agendas,
in Alabama they're part of the business or
finance department; look for "finance
statements" or "accountability reports."  They
might be listed under "budget information" and
look something like this:

•Exhibit F-I-A
•Exhibit F-II-A - Financial Summary
•Exhibit F-III-A
•Exhibit F-III-B
•Exhibit F-III-C
•Check Register
Macon County SD - Check Register
Madison City BOE - Check Register
Madison County BOE - Check Register
Marengo County SD - Check Register
Marion County BOE - Check Register
Marshall County Schools - Check Register
Midfield City School District - Check Register
Mobile County PS - Search - Check Register
Monroe County PS - Monthly A/P Register
Montgomery CPS - Check Register
Morgan County Schools - Check Register
Mountain Brook City Schools - Check Register
Muscle Shoals BOE - Check Register
Oneonta City Schools - Check Register
Opelika City BOE - Check Register
Opp City BOE - Check Register
Oxford City Schools - Check Register  
Ozark City Schools - Check Register (March 2010)
Albertville City BOE - Check Register
Alexander City Schls - Check Register
Andalusia City Schls - Check Register
Anniston City BOE - Check Register
Arab City Schools - Check Register
Athens City Schools - Check Register
Attalla City BOE - Check Register
Auburn City Schools - Check Register
Autauga County Schools - On new website April 2010
Baldwin County PS - Check Register
Barbour County BOE - Check Register
Bessemer CS - Check Register
Bibb County BOE - Check Register
Birmingham City Schls - Check Register
Blount County BOE - Check Register
Boaz City Schools - Check Register
Brewton City Schls - Check Register
Bullock County BOE - Check Register
Butler County Schools - Check Register (in March 2010)
Lamar County BOE - Check Register
Lanett City BOE - Check Register
Lauderdale County BOE - Check Register
Lawrence County BOE - Check Register
Lee County BOE - Check Register
Leeds City Schools - Check Register
Limestone County Schls - Check Register (March 2010)
Linden City BOE - Check Register
Lowndes County BOE - Check Register
Calhoun County Schls - Check Register
Chambers County BOE-Check Register
Cherokee County BOE - Check Register
Chilton County Schls - Check Register
Choctaw County Schools - System Check Registry
Clarke County BOE - Check Register
Clay County BOE - Check Register
Cleburne County Schls - Check Register
Coffee County Schls - Check Register
Colbert County BOE - Check Register
Conecuh County BOE - Check Register
Coosa County Schls - Check Register
Covington County Schls - Check Register
Crenshaw County Schls - Check Register
Cullman City BOE - Check Register
Cullman County BOE - Check Register
Dale County BOE - Check Register
Daleville City BOE - Check Register
Dallas County Schools - Check Register
Decatur City Schools - Check Register
DeKalb County BOE - Check Register
Demopolis City Schls - Check Register
Dothan City Schools - Check Register
Elba City BOE - Check Register
Elmore County BOE - Check Register
Enterprise City Schools - A/P Registers
Escambia County BOE - Check Register
Etowah County BOE - Check Register
Eufaula City Schools - Check Register
Fairfield City BOE - Check Register
Fayette County Schools - Check Register
Florence City Schools - Check Register
Fort Payne City Schools - Check Register
Franklin County Schools - Check Register
Gadsden City Schools - Check Register
Geneva City Schools - Check Register
Geneva County Schls - Check Register
Greene County BOE - Check Register
Guntersville City Schls - Check Register
Hale County BOE - Check Register
Haleyville City Schools - Check Register
Hartselle City Schools - Check Register
Henry County BOE - Check Register
Homewood City BOE - Check Register
Hoover City Schools - Check Register
Houston County BOE - Check Register
Huntsville City Schools - Check Register