The detailed Education system of the United States

Education in the United States is offered by private, public and even home schools. Since ages, the country has attained a higher level of literacy rate when compared to the other countries all over the world. The learning system in the States provides for a chain of choices concerning schools, locations, and programs. It has been seen that both males and females have continued to achieve an education percentage of 100 over the years.

The States is considered as the most civilized country for having a diverse pattern of schooling across the globe. The elementary guidance is necessary and enforced by law in almost every state. But the US government education graph reads that 76-77.6 million Americans are involved in different stages of the learning fields such as kindergarten, high school, and graduate level. An individual’s level of knowledge determines his or her class and wealth, and thus the importance of post-graduation and higher degrees becomes a crucial part of the education.

The government of the United States spends more than any other country for better education of the candidates. There are a huge variety of private and publicly administered institutions that provide higher education to the students. After the completion of the high school, the system is divided into two- the college and the graduate school. The Economist Intelligence Unit, in the year 2014, ranked the United States as the 14th best education providing country.

The History of the Education System in the States
In the 19th century, it was New England who supported the people to promote free education by developing public schools in different parts of the country. Funds raised from taxation were utilized to reform schools. Massachusetts associated with Horace Mann who designed many schools that were located in the north. The training of the teachers was generally conducted in the regular schools where they were taught of arithmetic, reading, writing, history and also geography. It was after the Civil wars when the towns and cities started constructing high schools.

Boston Latin School is the first public school started in the year 1635 and at present is the oldest school in the United States. Literacy and basic arithmetic was the primary curriculum that was introduced to the students. These classes mainly were conducted within the churches and homes. In those times, New England acquired the highest literacy level because a lot of residents embraced learning as it helped them to read the Bible.

Different Kinds and Stages of Education System
The pattern of the education system is divided into five main categories. The first stage is the Preschool or the kindergarten where the strength and weakness of the candidate are analyzed. The second is the Elementary school that comprises of standard 1-4. The third is the Middle school which includes the 5-8 grade. Then the High school where the age range is from 15 years to 18 years. College or University which features students of the age group between 19-22 years.

Along with the education as mentioned above patterns, the Montessori system was also introduced in the States. But with the critical appreciation of an advocate William Heard Kilpatrick, the Montessori schooling system almost disappeared by 1920. The organization again came into existence in the year 1960 by Rambusch who wanted to make it a popular cultural among the students.

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