What To Look For In Private Schools?

They say that school life is the best time of one’s life and most people can vouch for it. In today’s competitive academic culture, many parents wonder in the US wonder which school would be best for their child. Some people may want to put their children in a regular public school so that they can learn the basics and then decide on what they want to do in the future and about how to go about their career options. We can see that

· There are several schools to choose from and parents have to think well and choose carefully.

· There is often a debate between whether private schools are better than public schools in the US and many parents prefer to put their children in a private school because they feel that the level and the quality of education would be far superior when compared to a regular public school.

Among the schools, one of the best-known schools is the Phillips Academy at Andover, MA which has been established in the year of 1778. This school is also known as Andover and is coeducation and independent. It prides itself on excellence in academics. This high school is unique in the sense that it is able to provide its students with a highly competition and academically brilliant environment, bringing out some of the most academically brilliant students of the US. Known for its tradition, it is has a wide range of electives and it gives its students the opportunity to grow and even to study abroad.

Private Schools In The US
Another well known private school in the US happens to be the Harvard-Westlake School which is one of the best schools situated in Studio City in CA. One of the best things about this school is its student-teacher ratio which is lesser than many other schools, at eight students and one teacher for grades from the 7th to the 12th. The higher grades have a tuition fees of $35,900. There are no dropouts and the all the students from this school move on to college.

One of the well known private schools in Exeter, NH happens to be the Phillips Exeter Academy. In fact it happens to be a best rated private school with residential facilities. With more than a thousand students in the grades of 9 to 12, the student to teacher ratio is ideal, with one teacher for every five students. The tuition fees is roughly about 50 thousand dollars for the topmost grade that is being offered.

Like some of the best private schools, there are no drop outs and the students continue to college after completing their schooling. All said and done, there are several private schools to choose from. It is up to the parents to make their choice of which school they would like their child to study in. the reviews that are offered provide an excellent feedback on each school and their requirements. Therefore the fees, the environment, the location, are some of the factors that parents look into before deciding on the right school for their child.

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