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Friends, this website has served its purpose and we're in the last week of
publication.  Over half of all Texas school district dollars are now online, and all
major Texas school district check registers have been online for years now; this
grassroots movement has gained national momentum as well.

Please think about using the
L.O.V.E. Initiative in dealing with your children's
schools and all things public ed:
For over a century, globalist industrialists with a progressive socialist agenda have used money, meals & trips to bribe school administrators
and elected officials into going along with their scheme to dumb down curriculums in American public schools.  Follow the money!
July 1, 2013
Look at the situation through the other person's eyes.

Overlook others' foibles and failings; they might overlook yours, too.

Pick a
Very small piece of whatever you can see that needs doing
that you think you can help make better.

Remember that
Everybody does their best, Everybody believes
they're right, and
Everyone's entitled to their point of view.
We won't say goodbye, but thank you for being part of something so positive.  

Wishing you and yours all the best --