Prominent National Universities in the United States

The United States has continued to be one of the essential study destinations for the students all over the globe. As a result of which it has always been able to conquer a top place in the QS World University Ranking list. In the recent records of 300 modern universities all across the world, the States has 28 leading institutions featuring in the top hundred of the ranking list. This article will give you various pieces of information related to the top graded universities and their rankings.

Reputed National Universities in the United States
Massachusetts Institute of Technology has continued to appear in the first place, both in the United States and in the world ranking list. The famous research institute is located in Cambridge whose area spans a mile along the northern part of the Charles River. The university was established in the year 1861 to promote practical education among the industrial classes. The institute has any resemblance to the famous European model of a polytechnic university that was taken up to work majorly on the laboratory and practical pieces of information. Though the public college faced many problems due to a financial deficit, it continued to grow during the last few decades under President Francis Amasa Walker.

The Harvard University is yet another prominent national institution of higher education continuing to be ranked third in the QS World University Rankings since years. This is one of the old national universities in the United States. Also named as Harvard Crimson, the institute was the first chartered corporation during the era. Established in the year 1636, the Harvard comprises about 15,200 postgraduate and 6650 undergraduate students. The history, wealth and environment of the college have declared it as one of the most esteemed institutions all over the globe.

The education system at Stanford University has shown exceptional growth in the past few decades concerning academics. It has maintained the second position in both the United States and the QS record of world’s best universities. Located in the core of the Silicon Valley, the institute is famous for its business courses and spirit of entrepreneurship. The founders of YouTube, Netflix, Google, and Whatsapp are considered as one of the more celebrated entrepreneurs from the Stanford.

California Institute of Technology retains its position of fourth in the top-rated university record of the world. This is privately controlled by a group of 46 members from the board of trustees who serve a five-year term of responsibility and retire at 72. This renowned research institute provides education in engineering and natural science. The academic session is divided into six, which majorly emphasize studies related to science and technology.

Princeton University is another renowned institute that provides an extensive education facility in the fields of social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, art, and technology. With 5400 undergraduates and 2781 post-graduates, this is the fourth oldest university in the United States. It is ranked the 13th by according to the QS World University Rankings. The institution is directed by a group of 40 trustees who manages every decision related to investments, capital budgets and other responsibilities within the campus.

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